Warsaw, POLAND
23-26 October 2008

The 1st Advances in eHealth and Telemedicine International Conference will take place in Warsaw, Poland, our country during the autumn days of 2008. On behalf of the organizers I am welcoming you to participate in this event. It is actually the 3rd Conference organized by the Polish Telemedicine Society and Centre of Excellence "TeleOrto" in Warsaw. This time we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Polish Telemedicine Society. We are going to actively promote telemedicine solutions for health care professionals. We are also going to include telerehabilitation and telemedicine cross-border bridging.

The very first Conference co-organized by the Polish Telemedicine Society was held in Warsaw in 2004, at the time when telemedicine was still an emerging discipline in our country. The forthcoming event gives a basis for the Polish Telemedicine Society.

The Polish Telemedicine Society represents the multi-professional organization, an active forum for enthusiasts, their discussions and educational activities.



The Centre of Excellence for Telediagnostics and Treatment of Disorders and Injuries of Locomotor System is part of Stakeholders. It plays an important role in developing the telemedicine solutions for musculoskeletal problems. Since 2004, the centre has been an active participant in the European and International telemedicine and eHealth activities.

We have seen the growing importance of information technology and telecommunications in healthcare. The focus of development has shifted from individual telemedicine applications to citizen-centred care and eHealth solutions. Integrated service models and interoperability are the basis for future development.

We invite you to join this important event, present your work and ideas, listen to the very best solutions. International experts have accomplished and also enjoy a warm spell of autumn weather in Warsaw - the so-called Golden Polish Autumn!

Wojciech Glinkowski MD, PhD
Chairman of the Conference

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